Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Making a mind map to find learning

In an earlier blog, I discussed brainstorming to develop Areas of Learning.

For example, the following list is only an area of learning developed from this exercise.

Arts Projects Development/Outreach

music, theatre, and dance syllabuses to encourage learning
using the arts to isolate the effects of growing up in an urban environment
the use of Arts Projects to encourage and motivate young people
organisation, and business techniques used in creating and organising projects
Community Collaboration

I love and like initiating things not necessarily following them through to completion, so need to master the art of following things through

I am action-oriented, and make decisions quickly, with extraordinary talents for getting things started

In order to develop more content from an area of learning, I have decided to make a mindmap using the title Arts Projects Development/Outreach.

Learning can then be identified from the mindmap. In the above example, main ideas have been discovered as having contributed the area of learning 'arts project development/outreach'

So, there are obviously a number key activities that helped me to develop the learning in this title area. Some of the starting points include

1. Instructor for Children's Center for Dance Education (CCDE)
2. Teaching Ballet

This is a starting point for which the learning begun to take place with regard to 'arts project development/outreach'

Subsequent stages of the learning for this title include

3. Learning and motivation for different aged youth AND the research associated with measuring this learning with outcomes
4. Planning

As you can see, even further offshoots contribute as key points for learning such as...

5. Finding funding which can be done through grant writing. Although meetings w/ board members, principles, and proposals are seen as a separate branch, they may help in securing funds for the program.

As we look at the different points, it becomes clear that other areas of learning may link or overlap. According to our module and learning guide "You may find it helpful to think of these as key learning points or learning outcomes, because they express specific and measurable outcomes which can be supported by specific evidence."

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