Sunday, 1 October 2017

Module 1 Reflection

As I begin reading Module 2 Handbook, I will take Adesola's suggestion to reflect on the feedback I received for my Module 1 Areas of Learning and Review of Learning Essay.

areas of Learning:

AOL 1 Arts outreach programming and Management (was arts outreach and management)

AOL 2 Artistic development and self-mentoring (was Visionary Leadership Concepts)

The feedback I received was helpful for me to identify how my ideas are articulated in writing.  Although I enjoy writing descriptively, I lack some ability to explore and articulate my ideas  in a critical and evaluative way.

Your reflective essay is not as clear as your AOLs. You tend to tell the reader what the effect of something is without then explaining what that ‘thing’ is.

‘…it opens up new understanding to me about the work.’ – page 3 

In the example quote above what new understanding are you referring to? You do not tell us. This is a tendency to state something has happened but not explain what that means.

The learning I describe in my AOL's are not fully reflected in my Review of Learning. As I look back over the documents I submitted, I can clearly see this.

I felt disappointed at myself when I saw my feedback, because I felt that if I had given myself more time to write my "Review of Learning" (As Helen and Adesola suggested) then I may have been better able to articulate my understanding and learning from the AOL's.

I am currently looking at finding a writing short course that will Jamel me to explore ideas with synthesis, analysis, and critical evaluation. I have also been keeping more journal entries, and synthesizing my learning from the ISTD Level 6 Diploma.

I have grown as a practioner since module one. I allow learners to find answers for themseves much more in my teaching practice. Even while working with young beginning dancers and improvers, I ask them questions and allow them to develop further questions in so doing. They become much better at justifying why we are working toward certain tasks in the dance class.l Module One was helpful in my learning how to become reflective in my own practice as a teacher, dancer, entrepreneur, and performer. Although it can be frustrating trying to figure out and navigate what the module is about - and where and how my own learning has taken place; I am grateful for this experiential learning. Important for me in Module One was getting on with the tasks and finishing them. I found that I needed to let go of having to know if something was good enough or not and to get on with the tasks helped me to get more of a feeling of what the environment was like. Just Do It! I don't know exactly what I am thinking if for a topic - I am leaning toward - mindset, practice, psychology, and other combanitorial factors in dance technique and performance.


  1. Hi Brandon, I was too slightly disappointed with my feedback for my reflective essay in Module Two.When I read it though it was spot-on. Although I did have time to write it, I really forgot to connect the two Modules.I focused so much on writing the inquiry that I did not reflect enough for the reflective essay.I questioned what I'd learnt in Module Two, and at the time I felt I achieved very little progression. With a summer break, I can see clearly that's not the case and if only I could re-write it!
    I don't know if it would be any use to you, but I found the "Getting Critical" book by Kate Willaims (Pocket Study Skills series) a good aid to helping me become more critical.There are several on Ebay and Book Depository (free postage), has it as well. Samantha

    1. Yes, yes, yes. I understand completely, and yes, the feedback was spot on!!! Thank you for the suggestion.. I wish I had been able to attend the writing intensive this past summer. Thanks for commenting on the blog Samantha!